Smruthi from StudioSmu and I work together to visually represent complex information and data.

Industrial Symbiosis (Waste Exchange Networks) in Nanjangud Industrial Area, south India

Industrial Symbiosis Infographic India


Graphical representation of industrial symbiosis flows using the software STAN v2.5 illustrating a complex system with 20 processes and 39 flows that were uncovered in the Nanjangud Industrial Area, south India.

This complex data representation that talks about the direct reuse of wastes by numerous industrial firms was a multi-step process. The graphic had to address an investigation that found that 14 of the 42 investigated companies were already engaged in industrial symbiosis. While this investigation identified methods to recycle 50,000 t/year of disposed solid waste, the graphic had to illustrate how this complex network currently worked and how it will work on addition of new links to recycle disposed wastes. The illustration brought this message and process to life by using memorable visuals, color codes, and a simple map like structure. While the style was semi-schematic and illustrative, this mixed form allowed the message to be both memorable and easy to read.

Center for Industrial Ecology at Yale University, USA and Resource Optimization Initiative (ROI), India collaborated on this innovative investigation. A scientific paper on this investigation is published in the international peer-reviewed journal Resources, Conservation and Recycling. The study was also presented at international conferences (ISIE Portugal in 2009 and IEEE Chennai in 2009).


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